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3 Tips to Enhance Your Backlit Graphics

Whether you're new to designing backlit graphics or looking to enhance your booth's visual impact, here are three steps to craft stunning backlit graphics. 1. Employing Light-Toned Backgrounds 2. Creating Contrast 3. Incorporating Blur/Glowing Effects.

1. Light Tone Backgrounds

Consider using a range of colors for your background, as this will significantly enhance the brightness and vibrancy of your overall image. Below, you can see a comparison between a printed image with overall dark background and one with a colorful background, showcasing the results. The lighter the colors are, the more light will go through. 



Keep in mind that they also look brighter once lit up.


2. Contrast, Contrast, Contrast 

You can apply contrast in artwork by strategically using differing elements like colors, values, and textures to make specific aspects stand out. As previously mentioned, you want to avoid your image being completely dark but that doesn’t mean you cannot use dark hues to your advantage. Take a look at the sample below showing contrast between colors and hues, vs without contrast. 



As you can see, if you use colors that are too similar to each other, your image may appear dull. Another good tip would be use drop shadows to highlight important details. 


3. Blur or Glowing Effects

Finally, this step can give you a beautiful illusion of brightening your artwork and could be achieved by adding a filter to the decorations you want highlighted. First, place the decoration/logo under a contrasting background then add a blur or highlight effect. 



You can also keep adding other elements to include create a better glowing effect, such as a light stroke, gradients and a layer effect. 



By following these 3 easy steps you should be able to make the most out of your backlit displays. Happy Glowing! 

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